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Backyard Water Features

In the desert, nothing is more appealing than water. You can add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your pool or yard with expertly placed water features. Here at Lone Star Landscaping, we have a variety for you to choose from.

Landscaping Experts

When you add water features to you landscaping, you need professionals who can balance efficiency with aesthetic value. At Lone Star Landscaping, we’re proud to deliver the very best quality to our customers.


These gorgeous features create cascading sheets of water that are a perfect accent for any yard. These typically have a rough stone background to fit with desert landscaping and add a touch of fun to pools and spas.


If you want a true piece of art, you can’t go wrong with a fountain. These water features are an excellent choice for landscaping centerpieces due to their intricate waterfalls and exquisite tiling. It’s easy to elevate your yard from interesting to artful with a strategically placed fountain.

Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are the epitome of tranquility. Created and popularized in the Zen gardens of Japan, these features encourage serenity with picturesque stone and plants. Koi ponds are the perfect option for anyone seeking a little bit of peace and relaxation at the end of a demanding day.

Swim Up Bar

A swim up bar is a great idea for anyone who enjoys hosting. Guests can keep their drinks on-hand while they lounge in the pool, instead of having to choose between a refreshing beverage and taking a dip.

Sheer Descents

These accents are simple, yet stunning in the sunlight. Similar to waterfalls, they cascade directly into your pool or spa, making them perfect for a cooling spritz without having to go fully underwater.


Scuppers are aesthetically pleasing spouts that create gurgling waterfalls for your pool or spa. They’re typically placed on columns and come in a variety of styles:

  • Copper
  • Cantera
  • Lion’s head

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