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Shade Structures

The two most popular types of shade structures for Arizona are pergolas and ramadas. Often overlooked by landscaping companies, they are an important aspect of a quality backyard landscape design. A pergola or ramada can make an otherwise unusable space your favorite location to entertain in your backyard.

We can build pergolas, ramadas, and gazebos in aluminum or natural wood. We can design your ramada or pergola to coincide with your home architecture. They can be attached to your house or freestanding.

Ramadas and Pergolas



Paradise Valley Pergolas
Pergolas are an open top shade structure with a trellis type roof. Natural wood, aluminum, and steel are the most common building materials used. Size, shape, cost, and architecture are all considered when designing a pergola in AZ.


Paradise Valley Ramada
A ramada is the common term for a solid roof shade structure in AZ although it is technically a gazebo. Regardless of the name you call it, they are the best way to achieve more usable space in your backyard landscaping. Ramada designs commonly incorporate outdoor lighting, electrical, and outdoor kitchens and bars.

Pergola and Ramada Designs

There are a few things to consider when determining the location of a pergola or ramada for your backyard. The first and most logical is does it fit in the allocated space after determining the building setbacks and HOA regulations. Generally you don’t want to put a shade structure in an area that would block any views. On the other hand, a ramada or pergola design can be used effectively to screen houses and utility lines. Another important factor is to consider the sun location and travel various times of the year. If you are only in Arizona in the winter, then that might be a factor to keep in mind when deciding on the right location.

How much does it cost to install a shade structure in AZ?

Backyard Ramada
Shade structures have several variables that affect cost. The largest factor is whether it is a natural wood shade structure or an aluminum shade structure. Aluminum structures are the least expensive option, while natural wood pergolas and ramadas can be several times the cost of an aluminum ramada or pergola. Size, shape, location, and options are all factors that can affect the cost to build a ramada or pergola. All shade structures we build are custom designed for each individual client, but most aluminum shade structures fall in the $4,000-$8,000 price range.

Ramada and Pergola FAQ

Yes. A common pergola will provide approximately 70% shade, although we can design a pergola to exceed that coverage.

Category: Ramada & Pergola

We are pergola and ramada builders based in Phoenix, AZ, but we also service many surrounding areas like Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Cave Creek.

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An experienced landscape installation company can complete the process in as little as a day depending on the size and building materials.

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Permanent structures generally will be considered during an appraisal. Temporary structures like ones purchased from stores will not add value to your property.

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In Arizona a ramada is commonly known as a solid roof structure while a pergola has an open, trellis type roof.

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Generally speaking yes, although the price difference could be a few hundred to several thousands depending on size, design, and materials.

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Backyard Pergola

Common terms associated with shade structures in AZ

Ramadas, Pergolas, Gazebos.

Alumawood—This is a brand of products that produces material for aluminum shade structures.

Elite Wood — This is a brand of products for aluminum pergolas and ramadas. 90% of our aluminum shade structures are Elite Wood.

Gazebo — Generally thought of as a multi-sided shade structure, but Gazebo is not a popular term in AZ and normally reserved for east coast shade structures.

Pergola — An open top structure commonly constructed with wood, steel, or aluminum that can be attached to a house or freestanding.

Ramada — Common term in AZ for a solid roof shade structure in a backyard landscape.

RS Beams — Rough sawn beams, a common type of natural wood pergola and ramada building material.

Shade Sail — Shade structure usually consisting of 3 or more posts with a fabric “sail” stretched between them to create shade. This is a more commercial oriented way to create shade.

Trellis — The top of a pergola is referred to as a trellis top. Smaller more decorative type structures may also be called a trellis.

T&G — This is a finish option for the ceiling or under side of a ramada also called tongue and groove.

If you are an AZ homeowner that wants to make the most of your backyard, then consider a pergola or ramada shade structure. There are endless options that can be added to suit any lifestyle and the most demanding of clientele. With a multitude of styles, sizes and building materials, a pergola or ramada is a good addition to any landscape design.

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