Outdoor Kitchen Design & Barbecues in Phoenix, AZ

Outdoor Kitchens & Barbecues Phoenix, AZ

No backyard landscape is complete without an outdoor kitchen. It is a great way to enjoy time with family and friends while adding value to your home. Our company has decades of experience as backyard barbecue and outdoor kitchen builders in AZ. Our BBQ designs are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are interested in a basic barbecue with nothing more than a gas grill or a custom outdoor kitchen with bar top, seating, and pergola we have the knowledge and expertise to bring your barbecue design to reality.

We are a dealer for several brands of grills and appliances, so the process to design and build an outdoor kitchen in Arizona is seamless. In many cases we can do your outdoor kitchen installation within one week.


Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Backyard Barbecue Features in Scottsdale-Phoenix-Paradise Valley

Barbecue Grills

A grill to a barbecue it what a stove is to a kitchen. It is the heart of the outdoor kitchen. Grill options include LP, NG, and charcoal. A variety of sizes are available from smaller than 30” to over 48”. Multiple burners, BBQ lights, and backburners are only a few of the options available for an outdoor kitchen. Our company is a dealer for many brands of grills so we have factory support with competitive prices

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

As an established outdoor kitchen contractor in AZ for over 20 years we have installed virtually every type of appliance and accessory available. The options are endless when it comes to outdoor kitchen designs. Many of our backyard barbecue installations include flat top grills, doors and drawers, side burners, and refrigerators.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Options

There are several possibilities for outdoor kitchen counter tops in AZ. We have a variety of options in various price ranges to fit any barbecue design and installation. Granite counter tops and concrete counter tops for outdoor kitchens are 2 popular options in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. We also offer flagstone, tile and travertine countertops for backyard barbecue designs.

Custom Additions and Features

You are not limited to pre-fabricated equipment for your outdoor kitchen. We can custom design and build virtually anything for the most demanding outdoor kitchen installations.

Ramadas and Pergolas on Barbecues

Adding a shade structure like a pergola or ramada to your outdoor kitchen is a great way to get the most out of your backyard barbecue in AZ. Although we have eight months of great weather in Phoenix, having a break from the AZ heat is welcomed. We can accomplish that with a pergola or ramada. Aluminum or wood construction pergolas and ramadas can be added to outdoor kitchens and barbecues.

Landscape Lighting

There are 2 options for outdoor kitchen lighting, high voltage and low voltage lighting. Many outdoor kitchen designs for AZ use a combination of these 2 types of lighting to create dramatic effects. Low voltage lighting in a barbecue enables the owner to utilize their kitchen at night.

Electrical Options

Most barbecue designs in AZ incorporate some form of electrical. Switches and lights make the outdoor kitchen usable anytime. Adding outlets give you the same flexibility you are used to with indoor cooking. Overhead lighting, BBQ lights, counter, and floor lighting all enhance your outdoor kitchen and make it possible to enjoy your outdoor living space anytime.

Exterior BBQ Finish

If you want a basic barbecue, stucco and paint is an inexpensive option for the exterior finish. Elaborate outdoor kitchen designs and installations include artificial stone veneer, natural stone, and glass tile. The vertical surface of the outdoor kitchen is the most visible portion and many AZ residents choose to customize their barbecue design with an exterior facing option.

Outdoor Bars, Seating, and Islands

We can provide an outdoor kitchen design that includes seating for entertaining. Some people like bar tops while others prefer counter height seating for their outdoor barbecue. Whichever option you choose it will certainly enhance the usability of your backyard landscape addition.

Outdoor TVs and Speakers

The ultimate backyard landscapes include a TV and speakers in the outdoor kitchen. Watch your favorite team or just turn on some music and enjoy the evening with the conveniences once restricted to the indoors. Enjoy all the comforts of outdoor living at your Phoenix or Scottsdale home with every amenity you have come to expect inside your home.

Fireplaces and Outdoor Kitchens

One way to add to your backyard landscape is to combine an outdoor kitchen with a fireplace or fire pit. What could be better than enjoying the Arizona weather by the fire? The most dramatic outdoor kitchens include not only TVs and speakers, but also fire pits and outdoor fireplaces.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Outdoor Pizza Ovens in Outdoor Kitchens are popular additions for cooking enthusiasts. We can install countertop pizza ovens or custom built in pizza ovens. Pizza ovens can be NG, LP, wood fired, or a combination of gas and wood for the ultimate in convenience.

Mist Systems

If you really want to beat the AZ heat, we can install a professional mist system in your outdoor kitchen. Misting is like adding an outdoor air conditioning system to your backyard bbq since it can lower the temperature 10-30 degrees. Combining a pergola or ramada with a mist system will make your outdoor kitchen in AZ enjoyable year-round. Get the most from your investment.


Outdoor Kitchens & Barbecues in Phoenix, AZ

Design & Construction

Quality construction should be top priority when considering outdoor kitchen companies in AZ. Some people might be inclined to use an outdoor kitchen builder based on cost alone, but this always proves to be the most expensive decision in the long run.


Outdoor Kitchen Design

A quality barbecue or outdoor kitchen design must take many things into consideration. It is important to determine the length of counter tops needed to accommodate all desired grills, doors, drawers, refrigerators, or what ever else you may want. This will determine the minimum size the kitchen needs to be. The countertop can be extended longer than the minimum length needed if so desired.

  • Shape is more of a preference of an individual’s style, but needs to be taken into consideration since certain features may also dictate the actual construction of an outdoor kitchen. Utility locations are also an important part of the design and construction since the placement of electrical conduit and gas piping can interfere with bbq appliances.
  • Outdoor kitchens with bar tops or counter seating require special attention to ensure everything fits together properly. Homeowners in AZ should decide how many people would like their outdoor bar to accommodate when determining the overall length of the outdoor kitchen.
  • Permitting, zoning, and HOA requirements in AZ could play a role in deciding the location and construction as well as the design of the backyard barbecue. Outdoor kitchens in Scottsdale may have different restriction than outdoor kitchens in Phoenix or Paradise Valley. This is mainly due to utilities or if outdoor fireplaces and ramadas are part of the outdoor kitchen installation.
  • Lastly, a professionally drawn CAD plan should be done to ensure all details have been addressed, all appliances will fit, and the finished product ultimately is a perfect outdoor kitchen installation in AZ.


Barbecue and Outdoor Kitchen Construction

We believe our work speaks for itself, but let us elaborate. There is no substitute for quality and experience. Although these 2 things come with a price, it’s less expensive than an inferior outdoor kitchen installation. We build all barbecues, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor bars with larger than required footers, additional rebar, and high strength concrete. Our masonry is reinforced with vertical rebar, bond beams and grout.

The utmost care is taken by our skilled craftsman when applying finishing surfaces and countertops. Only the highest quality materials and products are used in our landscape installations since we are a quality outdoor kitchen company. We are also a dealer for multiple bbq grill manufacturers so we have strong relationships with factory support.


Outdoor Kitchens Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Design and Planning

The first part of the building process we perform as an outdoor kitchen contractor is have a complete design and building plan of the backyard feature. Planning for the barbecue installation is a key step that many outdoor kitchen companies overlook. At this time is when we determine all locations of utilities, material placement, and verify measurements. We then do a layout of the barbecue as a construction guide.


All outdoor kitchens are different so before any concrete is poured we install the gas piping, electrical conduit, and wiring. If the BBQ has a sink, we install water and drain lines during this stage of the outdoor kitchen installation.


All barbecues we build start with a solid foundation called a footer. The area is excavated to the required depth and ½” rebar is installed. After verifying all measurements, high strength concrete is poured in the footer creating a solid base for the block.

This is the phase when the outdoor kitchen starts taking shape. Our masons install the block according to the building plan. We can complete the block for the barbecue in one day in many cases. We frame all doors, drawers, and accessories for the outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Counter Tops

After the masonry is complete it is time for the countertops which is the first of the cosmetic finishes. The outdoor kitchen countertops could take 1 day or several days depending on the selection. Flagstone countertops are the fastest while colored concrete countertops and polished concrete countertops for outdoor kitchens take the longest.

Exterior Finishes

Regardless of the finish barbecue will have, it is installed after the countertops. Stucco and paint is a popular finish due to its low cost, but many clients choose to make their barbecues more elaborate. Outdoor kitchens with stone or glass tile can take several days, but it creates a dramatic effect.

Barbecue Appliances

Once the Outdoor kitchen countertops, stone, and paint is complete, the appliances are installed. After verifying all connections and performing a leak check, we turn on the grill for the first time to ensure everything is working properly. Now you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen installation in your Phoenix or Scottsdale home!


What to expect during an outdoor kitchen installation in AZ.

As an experienced outdoor kitchen builder in Phoenix AZ, we try to make the construction process as painless as possible, but there are a few things you should know. There will be construction materials on your property until the landscape installation is complete so always keep kids and pets away from these areas. Although we clean up every day, there is a degree of disarray until the outdoor kitchen is complete. Time frames can change depending on weather, additions or changes. We will be opening gates frequently so always keep pets inside as much as possible throughout the construction process. Upon completion of the outdoor kitchen, we do a final orientation and review all operation procedures for your barbecue.

Before & After

We can remove your outdated barbecue and create an outdoor kitchen to fit your style.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens, backyard barbecues, and outdoor bars can be classified in 3 basic categories; basic, semi-custom, and custom outdoor kitchens. Each level of barbecue installation consists of its own complexity and cost. Simple barbecues can be as little as $5,000 while custom outdoor kitchens can exceed $50,000. The majority of AZ residence opt for a semi-custom outdoor kitchen which range from about $10,000-$20,000.

Basic Barbecues

Simple barbecue designs are generally reserved for residents that are mainly interested in the convenience of outdoor cooking and do not entertain large groups. Occasionally if space is limited and other features take precedence, then a basic barbecue design is chosen. Most barbecues in this range are simple, but functional with a grill and door and include a basic style countertop.

Semi-Custom Outdoor Kitchen

This is the middle ground of design and what most homeowners end up building. Generally they consist of a bbq grill, multiple accessories, stone exterior and occasionally a pergola. Many times we can include granite countertops on these mid-level outdoor kitchens.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Custom outdoor kitchens are the most dramatic and are for the outdoor cooking and entertaining enthusiast. At this level, the sky is the limit. Commonly included in a custom outdoor kitchen design are multiple appliances and accessories, pizza ovens and outdoor fireplaces, and almost certainly a ramada or pergola. Custom features like footrests and custom designed doors are commonplace for these dramatic backyard features. Granite and concrete countertops are the norm for custom outdoor kitchens in AZ.

Outdoor Kitchen FAQs

All backyards are unique, but we determine the best location during the design phase.

Category: BBQ

Not in most cases, although ramadas and utilities may require building permits.

Category: BBQ

Yes. We install outdoor kitchens in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, and several other cities in AZ

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Ready For an Outdoor Kitchen?

If you are ready for us to design and build an outdoor kitchen for your Arizona residence, we are ready to do the installation. Call or email today to start the barbecue design process. We will go over some preliminary information regarding outdoor kitchen ideas, size, and price range for the backyard barbecue of your dreams!

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