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Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Rediscover your outdoor living space with a personalized fireplace by Lone Star Landscaping. Our expert designers and contractors offer full-service outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to create a cozy hearth for intimate gatherings or late-night events. Elevate your landscaping with an iconic fireplace.

Premier Fireplace Services in Arizona

Gather around a fire with your friends, family and guests. Contact us to schedule a consultation service, and ask about our full-service landscaping and water feature expertise. Experience your outdoor living area in a whole new light thanks to the natural glow and warmth of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits designed by our team at Lone Star Landscaping.

Inspired Designs

An outdoor fireplace can balance modern design with rustic flair. View our gallery of outdoor fire pit and fireplace designs to discover how you can match your existing outdoor designs with the natural beauty and warmth of an open fire. Here are just a few inspirational designs to get you started:

  • Two-sided fireplace
  • Square or round fire pit
  • Fire pit bench
  • Fire wall
  • Fire pit table
  • Cantera fireplace or fire pit

Our designers offer digital renderings for you to visualize your new outdoor entertainment area. Whether you’re envisioning a spacious fireplace to warm up a party or an intimate fire pit to gather around late in the evening, see your dream design incorporated into your landscaping before installation begins.

Inspired Designs

Flawless Installation

Our contracts have over 12 years of working with outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, so we can confidently offer accurate estimates and commit to a flawless finish. We expertly incorporate your natural landscaping into your fireplace design. Whether you choose a fire, gas or electric fireplace, we provide full-service installation that won’t disrupt your outdoor ambiance. We work with custom materials to create a unique fireplace, or install leading brands of fireplaces and fire pits for your home for long-lasting quality and warmth.

Flawless Installation
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