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Outdoor Lighting Installation

One thing that can really make an outdoor space pop is lighting. Of course, there are many other benefits of lighting up your landscaping, from security to allowing you to spend time outdoors at any time of day. If you are considering having some lights installed, consider going with low voltage outdoor lighting.

Low voltage lights are even more beneficial than normal lights. You can count on us at Lone Star Landscaping to light up your backyard or lawn and emphasize what you love about the space.

Low Voltage Lights

So why should you go with low voltage lights? Here are the benefits, and some of them may surprise you.

  • Beauty – Of course the main reason you would want outdoor lights is to make your space a little more aesthetic. This is a benefit of all kinds of outdoor lights, of course, but we want to assure you that low voltage lights are just as capable of providing that beautiful atmosphere as high voltage lights.
  • Affordable – Low voltage lights use a fraction as much electricity as normal lights, sometimes as little as one tenth. This means your electricity bill will hardly be impacted. Additionally, low voltage outdoor lighting cost much less than the alternatives.
  • Easy Installation – It does not take much work to install low voltage lights. You can have your outdoor space ready to go in hardly any time at all.
  • Safety – The low voltage makes it essentially impossible to be electrocuted by the light. This is especially important when it rains.
  • Low Heat – If your lights are pointed at heat-sensitive plants, you have nothing to worry about. This also minimizes the risk of a fire starting.
Low Voltage Lights

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