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Custom Lawn Design

Design Your Perfect Yard

Create a personalized landscape with premier lawn design, installation and irrigation services in Arizona. Discover how our team at Lone Star Landscaping can elevate your curb appeal, maintain a luscious, green lawn and create outdoor gathering spaces for you and your guests.

Personalized Lawn Designs

Lawn care services require professional expertise. Choose a landscaping company that is experienced with local landscaping. Whether you choose a natural desert landscape or a vibrant lawn and floral arrangement, our experienced designers provide a digital rendering of

Reliable Installation Services

Once you approve of a lawn care design, our team confidently tends to every detail of your dream lawn. Here are just a few basic elements that can comprise your installation service:

  • Sod or seed installation
  • Irrigation system
  • Plant and tree transplant service
  • Pavers or walkways
  • Mulch
  • Fertilizer
  • Landscape lighting

Our full-service team has years of experience working with your current lawn and maintaining your new lawn. We install any pavers, walkways, irrigation systems or other hardscapes you wish to add. Don’t wait for seeds to germinate, but choose sod and transplanting services to enjoy a luscious lawn and garden space in time for your next family gathering or party.

Reliable Installation Services

Turn-Key Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

Irrigation systems require expert design and installation to maintain year-round greenery. During hot Arizona summers, it’s essential to provide adequate water to all your plants and lawn. Our professional irrigation systems are set to automatically water all your landscaping. We not only install your system, but offer complete maintenance programs for turn-key efficiency.

Turn-Key Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

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