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Gates & Fencing

Redesign Your Yard

Experience the elegance and privacy of a new gate and fence system by Lone Star Landscaping. Enjoy personalized gates and fencing services by an experienced team in your area to redefine your outdoor space and prepare for an important event or comfortable family gathering in your home.

Comfortable Privacy

A gate is an excellent way to create privacy throughout your home. Define your lawn and create a secluded getaway in your front or backyard with a fence and gate. Privacy fencing doesn’t have to be a foreboding wall, but can add beauty to your home with professional designs and quality materials.

Timeless Elegance

Fencing adds a regal element to many homes and lawns. Not only can a fence protect your property and add privacy, it can blend in with your landscape design and your home’s exterior. Compare these common fence options for your personalized design:

  • Hardwood fencing
  • Aluminum fencing
  • PVC fencing
  • Vinyl fencing

Whether you choose a durable aluminum fence, natural wood fence or a lightweight vinyl option, select a timeless option for long-lasting protection, privacy and beauty.

An ornate gate is the centerpiece of your curb appeal. Greet guests with an automated gate for your drive, or choose a small, elegant gate for an intimate backyard gathering area. Here are just a few gate options you can use as a starting point to create a custom gate and fence design:

  • Slide gate
  • Double-swing gate
  • Single-swing gate

Work with a professional designer to imagine a fence and gate design that blends flawlessly with your home and landscaping.

Timeless Elegance

Receive Turn-Key Gate and Fencing Services

Compare our fencing and landscaping designs to discover why we’re a leader in Arizona landscaping. View our gallery today and contact us to enjoy a consultation for your new gate and fencing today. Receive turn-key services for all your landscaping needs from our experienced team at Lone Star Landscaping.

Receive Turn-Key Gate and Fencing Services

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