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Boulders and Rocks

Make Your Landscaping Impressive With Boulders and Rocks

Boulders and rocks make a wonderful addition to any piece of landscaping. They are a natural way to bring focal interest, texture and dimension to an area. At Lone Star Landscaping, we know which type, size and shape will look best and provide the most functionality. Whether you want a rugged, desert look or the feel of a lush oasis, our experts will take care of everything from getting the required permits to transporting and placing the boulders. Because our design team goes through an extensive process to help you visualize your project before starting, we know you’ll be completely satisfied with the results.

Outdoor Living Experts

The staff at Lone Star Landscaping knows you deserve the perfect place to enjoy outdoor living. Call us today at (602) 992-7827 to schedule a meeting and discuss your landscaping goals. Give yourself something beautiful to look at and those who pass by something to be impressed with.

Beautiful and Functional

The combination of rocks and boulders with other natural elements like plants, flowers or even a water feature adds interest and can make the landscaping unique and impressive. In addition to providing visual appeal, boulders and rocks can also help with the following:

  • Prevent erosion, especially in areas with more dramatic changes in elevation
  • Keep moisture in garden areas
  • Create a natural privacy screen when mixed with trees and shrubs
  • Prevent the growth of grass and weeds in unwanted places

Using rock beds and boulders in your landscaping means less mowing is required during warmer months. This type

Beautiful and Functional

Large-Scale Landscaping

When you want to make a statement with your landscaping, adding large boulders can do the trick. Their size and beauty draw people’s attention and make an area memorable. Combine rocks and boulders with a water feature like a pool, water fountain or pond for a grand display of luxury that keeps the landscaping looking natural and organic. They can also be used in place of concrete options to build a more customized retaining wall.

Large-Scale Landscaping

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