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When the home owners contacted us, they let us know about a un-inspiring bar they had in their backyard.  If you take a look at the first image in this article you will see exactly what they meant.  After taking a look at it we came up with some ideas to redo this bar and make it a place where you would actually like to gather with friends and family.  The new design features the bar curving and following the flow of the wall the acts as a backdrop to the new bar.  The wall will be heightened to support the lattice work of the ramada type shade structure that will provide shelter from the Scottsdale summer sun.  Two tiled alcoves highlight the back wall along with a custom built-in cabinet that will house a flat screen television.  All in all this bar is going from boring to bar-tastic!

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This custom fireplace in Scottsdale, Arizona has many unique features.  In addition to the main fireplace it also has two fire burners on either side to add to the amazing fire effects.  The fireplace backs up to edge of the property overlooking the desert in north Scottsdale.  The back wall of the fireplace has windows that allow the home owner to have a view through the fireplace.  Check out the photos below to see the concept sketches and renderings and the actual final fireplace that was just recently completed.

With all the rain that the valley experienced last week, it is appropriate that we touch on landscape drainage.  Because the ground conditions in the Phoenix area are typically dry, when heavy rains hit it causes fast flowing water that will erode landscape and wash away granite and dirt.  When planning your landscape make sure your designer understands that proper drainage is key to maintaining your landscape during these storms.  The use of river rock and drains can help control the flow of water throughout your property and keep your landscape from washing away.  This landscape in the north Phoenix area has some extreme conditions and shows the need for planning for drainage.  If this yard did not have drains, river rock and boulders to control the water, it would have been a disaster when the rains hit last week.